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10/01/20- Ashley Shana James, age 35 of Lexington Park- Fraud/Keep away from Prosecution, and CDS: Possession-not Marijuana by Cpl. 07/13/20- Gilbert NMN Estevez, age 31 of Leonardtown- 17 counts of Violate Protective Order by Dep. 07/14/20- Aaron Devonnne Morgan, age 26 of Lexington Park- Assault 2nd Degree by Dep. 07/14/20- Alex Nunez, age 35 of Park Hall- Assault 2nd Degree by Cpl. 07/06/20- Tyronne Robert Thompson, age 38 of Park Hall- Malicious Destruction of Property by Dep. 07/23/20- Quinton Marquis Remied, age 24 of Lexington Park- Burglary 3rd Degree by Dep. Investigation determined Laryssa Jean Wall, age 24 of Mechanicsville, struck the victim in the pinnacle and face multiple occasions, and likewise bit the sufferer on the ear. Investigation decided Deevon Trent Burwell, age 22 of Lexington Park, carried out several fraudulent cash order transactions. Investigation determined Ashley Nicole Barber, age 31 of Mechanicsville, violated an energetic court docket order prohibiting contact with the victim by sending the sufferer quite a few messages, and coming to the victim’s residence. 09/14/20- Joseph Timothy Price, age 56 of Leonardtown- Theft by Cpl. 07/26/20- Gerald Issiah Wade, age 19 of no mounted handle- Burglary and Theft by Dep. 07/24/20- Gerald Issiah Wade, age 19 of no fixed handle- Theft and two counts of Burglary by Dep. 07/09/20- David Richard Speakman, age 26 of Leonardtown- Theft and Unauthorized Removing of Vehicle by Dep.

10/22/20- Montreal Arnez Wade Jr., age 26 of Charlotte Hall- Failure to seem/Driving With out a License by Dep. 11/14/20- April Lynn Haley, age 47 of Lexington Park- Failure to seem/Driving Uninsured Motorcar by Dep. Lookout Road in Leonardtown, for the reported CDS violation. Labanowski responded to the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Heart in Leonardtown, for the individual arrested on an impressive warrant with CDS located on their individual. Pesante responded to the 30200 block of Memory Hill Lane in Charlotte Hall, for the reported CDS complaint. Fenwick responded to the 21600 block of Great Mills Road in Lexington Park, for the reported property destruction. Contact was made with the victim who said Michelle Noele Dickerson, age 32 of Lexington Park, brandished a machete throughout an argument. Chase responded to the 21600 block of Great Mills Road in Lexington Park, for the reported trespassing. Raley responded to the 25500 block of Pt. Luffey responded to the 21200 block of Lexwood Court for the reported peace order violation. 07/24/20- Robert Maurice Scriber, age 47 of Lexington Park- Violation of Probation/Assault 2nd Degree by Dep. 07/23/20- Demetrick Nathrio Maddox, age 33 of Lexington Park- Assault 2nd Degree by Dep.

07/02/20- Frank Joseph Latham, age 36 of Chaptico- Act as a Contractor and not using a License and Fail to Perform Contract by DFC. 09/16/20- Markus Antonio Carter, age 23 of Lexington Park- Driving on Suspended License by Dep. 09/18/20- Breanna Rose Fenwick, age 22 of Lexington Park- Failure to seem/Theft by Dep. 10/23/20- Tyshawn James Hall, age 20 of Leonardtown- Assault 2nd Degree by Cpl. 10/23/20- Michelle Noele Dickerson, age 32 of Lexington Park- Peace Order/Fail to conform and Harass/Course of Conduct by Cpl. 07/23/20- John William Vallandingham Jr., age 62 of Lexington Park- Burglary and Bank card/Buy/Sell by Dep. Assault- On October 22, 2020, Dep. Trespassing- On October 22, 2020, Dep. 07/24/20- Nathan Lee Davis, age 28 of Lusby- five counts of Theft by Dep. Assault- On November 19, 2020, Dep. Property Destruction- On July 23, 2020, DFC. Property Destruction- On October 24, 2020, Dep. Windsor additionally tried to seize Dep. Investigation determined a correctional officer noticed two plastic baggies containing a white powdery substance, (suspected cocaine) fall from the belongings of Crystal Dawn Balch, age 35 of North Carolina.

07/03/20- Ryan Michael Page, age 35 of no fixed deal with- Theft by DFC. 07/27/20- Andrew Nickolas Fenwick, age 23 of no fixed handle- Rogue and Vagabond by Cpl. 07/28/20- Donald Earl Walker, age 32 of no mounted address- Trespass/Private Property by DFC. 07/16/20- Shannon Elisabeth Lane, age 39 of Mechanicsville- Malicious Destruction of Property by Dep. 07/05/20- Wade Ashbury Pridgen, age 56 of Leonardtown- Bank card/Promote/Unlawful by Dep. Assault- On July 27, 2020, Cpl. Theft Scheme- On June 24, 2020, Cpl. Deputies entered the residence and situated the suspect, Serenity Faith Byrd, age 25, of No Fixed Address, sleeping in a bedroom upstairs. 07/17/20- Wayne Joseph Brooks, age 28 of Leonardtown- Violate Protecting Order, Harassment, Trespassing, and Electronic Harassment by Cpl. Pickeral was arrested. Charged with CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana. 07/25/20- Nicholas Stephen Spurling, age 28 of Lexington Park- Virginia Warrant-Failure to appear/CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Cpl. Investigation determined Michael Tyree Mitchell, age 37 of Nice Mills, intentionally broken the victim’s automobile by scratching the car. 07/23/20- Leonard William Morehead, age forty nine of Lexington Park- Burglary 1st Degree by Dep. 07/25/20- Michael Anthony Deep, age 27 of Lusby- Theft by Dep.